Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Romanian Police at 75%

Police officers protest in front of the Administrative Palace of Bacau city, Romania, on september 20, during a unionists protest meeting. Their salaries were reduced to 75 %.
"We are paid 75 percent of our wage, we will work 75 percent. We informed state authorities that police would no longer take part in assuring security at courts of justice and other institutions, including presidency, government, prosecutor's office. We will withdraw all our logistics to police precincts, we will not direct traffic anymore and we will only answer to 112 emergency calls," said Marian Gruia, president of the National Police Union Federation.


Brosu Constantin said...

Se pare că încă o nemulţumire a unei categorii importante a populaţiei României a fost dejucată de sindicate în asociere cu puterea centrală....

Voicu Irina said...

Super reusita fotografia!pentru ca mi-a placut foarte mult, am facut o interpretare in stil contemporan:) sper sa iti placa!